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Monday, January 13, 2014

Turnpike Bagels

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Bagels are soul food.  No, really, they are.  They speak to the same part of me that loves pastrami and matzo ball soup and those big, square knishes.  My uncle Louie, who was married to my father's sister Gittel, was a bagel man.  I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to bagels.
Because bagel bakeries traditionally followed kosher laws, they could sell only baked goods, fish and dairy products.  Turnpike Bagels has no such limitations, and serves both bagels and deli items.  There are a handful of tables, but we ordered our food "to go".
First visit was at breakfast time.  I had an "everything" bagel with cream cheese.  The bagel was fresh, chewy but not tough.  Toppings were flavorful.  The cream cheese portion was generous but not overwhelming.  Coffee was freshly brewed and not too strong.  They wrap hot food and drinks in Saran wrap to retain the heat.  There are also egg dishes, pancakes, etc.  They have a nice selection of baked goods, including oversized muffins.  Not much in the way of "appetizing", i. e., lox, whitefish, herring . . .
Our second visit was at lunch time.  Midafternoon, actually, and there were several other customers -- a good sign.    The lunch menu is very extensive -- a variety of sandwiches (they use Boar's Head cold cuts), wraps, panini, salad platters and burgers.
Drew had a Texas Melt, a huge hero with roast beef, bacon, mozarella and bbq sauce.  I ordered a Texas burger -- a 5 oz.  burger served with bacon, muenster cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce and tomato.  Both sandwiches were excellent.  The one complaint I had was that the burger was so juicy and saucy that it dripped all over my shirt.  Steak fries were ok but not outstanding.
They carry some unusual varieties of packaged goods, too.  Pretzels coated in pieces of  Butterfinger candy bars.  Guacamole flavored tortilla chips.  Didn't buy anything this time around,but I plan to go back and do some exploring.


Suzanne said...

Ahhh, bagels. The brief trip to LI this weekend involves bringing the other half real bagels. Me, I want a few poppy seed hard rolls and I'll be a happy camper.

Taran Sayal said...

Yumm those bagels sound delish! I noticed your from NYC and I've been searching for bloggers close to home. I was wondering if you would be interested in checking my blog out? I've done a few restaurant reviews and my own recipe reviews Id love it if you checked it out! Thanks!

Def following!

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