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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday afternoon at the laundromat

Lately I feel like a gypsy, wandering between my parents' house and Drew's.    Officially I live at my parents' house, but spend more time at Drew's.

For the most part I enjoy la vie boheme. But I have one serious problem:  laundry.

My mother has a pretty standard laundry room, a top loading washing machine and a matching dryer.  Only problem is the number of people living in that house and the amount of laundry they produce.  I got tired of fighting, arguing over who gets to use the machines.

Doing laundry at Drew's is also problematic. He has a washer but not a dryer.  The washer is somewhat inaccessible.  And he's got two roommates.

So. . .welcome to the laundromat.  I bring my bags of laundry and my Tide pods, and in under 2 hours I can do a week's worth of laundry.

I usually go at off hours, when the place isn't particularly busy.  Made a huge mistake today, showed up at a peak time, Saturday afternoon.

Never again.


Suzanne said...

For the year without a washer, I would load up all my stuff and go Sunday evening. Best time to have the place nearly to myself!

And the laundromat is definitely preferable to the squabbling.

songbird's crazy world said...


Knit Geek said...

I used to have to use a laundromat. One time I was hit on by a really short man wearing green Levi's, a memory that had retreated into the nether regions of my brain until I read this post. :)

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