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Thursday, January 2, 2014


My family has always been involved in the theatrical arts.  My maternal grandmother wanted to be an actress in the Yiddish theater.  My father harbored dreams of becoming a successful playwright.   My sisters and I all participated in drama club, chorus, orchestra, piano lessons . . . the twins even took it so far as to take BFA degrees in musical theater and attempted a career in "show business". 

Ditto Drew's family.   His parents were members of a community theater organization, performing in Gilbert & Sullivan productions, and he and his sister are current members.  He was a drama club member in high school. 

And, of course, our children have been involved in various performing arts, including chorus, dance, theater....

So of course we have to create drama in our lives.

Current issue is Becca's upcoming graduation.  All I want to do is make a nice luncheon for my daughter in honor of her receiving her degree from a fine university.  So of course there is drama...nothing in this family is ever simple.


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