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Friday, January 24, 2014

Superbowl season!

No, I'm not a football fan.  But I'm still getting caught up in the excitement. 

The game will be played on February 2 in Metlife Stadium.  But most of the pregame excitement will take place on this side of the Hudson, in NYC.  There will be fireworks over the Hudson Monday night.  Broadway has modified its schedule for next weekend, with most shows going dark Sunday night, and  added performances Friday and Saturday.  You can't walk through Penn Station without seeing the huge Pepsi/Superbowl ads.

People in my office are a bit excited, the Denver Broncos are staying at the Hyatt in Jersey City, just across the street from our offices.  The Seattle Seahawks are also in Jersey City, but at the Weston, a mile or so away from  our offices.

The weather is becoming a concern, with the polar vortex bringing extreme cold and high amounts of snow. 

No, I don't plan to watch the game.  Maybe the halftime show, but as I said, I'm not really a football fan.  Still, the excitement is infectious.

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