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Friday, January 3, 2014

A few moments of panic, but her Disney trip is a "go"

 Becca is, without question, my "Disney princess".    She and her boyfriend have done a couple of trips to WDW, including one with his parents and his sister.

They have a trip planned for next week, a short Disney cruise to the Bahamas bracketed by a couple of overnight stays at WDW.  Becca has been looking forward to it for months.

Meanwhile, boyfriend and his buddy decided that December would be a perfect time for  their Birthright trip to Israel. That's a 10 day trip.  Boyfriend figured he'd fly home on the 2nd (arriving on the 3rd) and fly to Orlando with Becca on the 5th, and that there'd be no problem.

Boyfriend never considered the weather.

We had a major snowstorm here in the northeast last night, blizzard conditions here on Long Island.

My daughter spent the better part of yesterday on the phone with Disney, El Al, Jetblue, the travel insurance people...

But the good news is, the plane took off from Tel Aviv and is due to arrive at the post-storm-reopened Newark Airport today.

Vacation is saved!

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