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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dinner and a movie

The polar vortex is not going to ruin our good time!
Tonight we ventured out, into the cold and snow, and made our way to the local movie theater to see "Her". It's a sappy, bittersweet relationship story with a science fiction premise. The protagonist falls in love with his computer operating system, or rather, the artificial intelligence behind the operating system. The movie has a lot to say about relationships, especially about our relationships with our computers versus real humans. It's a bit too long, got a little boring in the middle, but overall I liked it.
Dinner afterwards at the Empress Diner. The decor is very retro, what in the 1960's would have been called "modern". Lots of burnt orange . . . The menu here is somewhat limited in comparison to other local diners, but the food is excellent. We ordered burgers, which came with huge servings of cole slaw and pickles. Both burgers and buns were nicely grilled. French fries were crisp and tasty. Onion rings were merely ok, the batter was very heavy, service was pleasant and efficient.

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