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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hating this winter weather!

Drew periodically visits a website where charitable causes auction off great prizes.    In the past he's successfully bid on Mets tickets and Broadway shows.

Well, there were tickets for "Matilda" offered on the site.  House seats, meaning prime orchestra viewing.

We discussed it, and agreed he would bid on the tickets, and if he won, I'd pay for them and consider it his birthday present.

Well, he won.  And the person who arranged for the tickets told him "Once I submit the date, you can't change your mind.  You have  to go on that date.  You can't exchange the tickets for a later date."

Long Island is about to  get hit with another major storm  This one came  out of the blue, all of a sudden we were getting winter storm warnings yesterday.  The snow is expected to start by noon and get increasinly worse, so that the evening commute will be at the height of the storm.  Coupled with bone chilling cold and high winds, the storm could bring as much as a foot of snow by tomorrow morning.

Thank the polar vortex.

Drew is going to call the theater anyhow, see if the can do something for us, but I think we just said goodbye to our "Matilda" tickets.

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