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Monday, July 1, 2013

witch's curses, ghosts, madwomen, romance and steak

 Ruddigore, or the Witch's Curse.

Typical  Gilbert & Sullivan froth. The plot involves a baronet cursed by a witch, who must commit crimes in order to stay alive, a madwoman whose affections have been trifled with, portraits of the baronet's ancestors that come alive, and a pure and noble heroine who cannot marry the man she loves until a plot twist makes it possible.  Drew's sister is in the ensemble of a community theater production of this musical, so of course we had to head out to see it.    It's not one of G&S's better shows, and being community theater it was very low budget, but there are some very talented people in the cast, so overall it was an enjoyable evening.

Our evening began at J&R's Steakhouse, a local chain. We had eaten here before, the food had been good, so my expectations were high.
My expectations were not met.
Service was a bit slow.  Our waiter apologized for the delay.  But he did keep my soda glass filled.
Air conditioning was . . .uneven.  Our side of the room was very cold, we actually felt a breeze at times.  (Product endorsement:  I love my Chilly Jilly wrap.)  The other side of the room was considerably warmer.
As for the food . . .our meal began with a pasta salad (which had replaced the bread basket).   pasta was a bit mushy  and was drenched in Italian dressing.  There was actually a puddle on my plate.  Salad consisted of  Iceberg lettuce, some shredded carrots and cabbage, a single slice of cucumber and a wedge of less than ripe tomato.
Fried calamari was hot and crisp but slightly on the chewy side.
We ordered a surf and turf special, strip streak and broiled lobster tail.  This was decently prepared.  Drew liked his mac and cheese.   I thought my mashed potatoes were a bit dry.  And the chef should be indicted for hate crimes against vegetables - the green beans and carrots were very overcooked.
We didn't order dessert, but the brownie sundae at the next table looked decadent.
The food here used to be better.  Overall this place reminded me of a Sizzler, and frankly I'd rather go to Boulder Creek just down the road.

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