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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I work for a living.  I have obligations as a member of the synagogue board of trustees.  I have a social life.

There, I've said it, I am a terrible person.

Apparently I am "not doing anything" for the family, I am selfish, I am horrible.

My dad is going to be in rehab for most of the summer.  My mom and my sisters are spending hours and hours every day at the nursing facility.  I'm there 2-3 times a week.

Big fight with my sister H yesterday.  I had a work commitment that I could not get out of.  Apparently I "chose" my work commitment  over family because I didn't leave work to pick up my mother at the rehab facility. 

Reason I had to pick up my mother?  H wanted to check out a grad school program and A had a dental appointment.  F went with A to the dentist, leaving my mom all alone in the rehab.

F could have stayed with my mom, A is not a child who needs supervision at the dentist  --  for a cleaning.  The appointment could have been changed.

The grad school thing, though...that's what really bothers me.  H lost her job over 3 years ago and hasn't been able to find another.My mother is paying all her bills, including her hefty rent, because her unemployment ran out awhile ago.  H is still paying off the loans she took out for law school, and she graduated in 1992.  I know that she's thinking a Master's in public administration or hospital administration would make her more marketable.  But at $1,000 a credit, is it feasible for her to go to school right now?

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