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Friday, July 26, 2013

Road trip!

Not really a vacation, but Drew and I are traveling next week.  It's an errand for Drew's father.

Background:  Drew's parents relocated from Long Island to southwest Florida in 1990.  The bought a  house in Cape Coral.  Drew's mother passed away in 1994, but his father continued to live in the house until 5 or 6 years ago, when he sold the house and moved into an assisted living facility,  and then a few years later to a nursing home in Florida.   A few months ago Drew helped his father relocate to a nursing home her on Long Island. 

Everything Drew's father owns was put into storage in Florida.  We think there's some furniture, a few paintings, and some clothes in the storage unit. 

So on Monday we're flying down to Ft. Myers.  We're going to rent a truck, empty out the storage unit, and drive back to New York.

It will be the first time I'm doing the Florida-to-New York drive.   I've taken road trips as far south as Virginia, I've flown to Florida many times, and I've flown to Myrtle Beach a few times, but I've never really driven through Georgia or the Carolinas.

Should be interesting.


Suzanne said...

Not sure if there's a droid version, but the I-95 exit guide website was my resource when I made 2-3 trips down here a year.

It is now an app for iPhones-it is probably available for your phone. It tells you by exit food, lodging and gas options. Worth owning, even for one trip!

songbird's crazy world said...


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