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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the road again

So we made it to Jacksonville last night.  Stayed at an Econolodge.  Cracker Barrel and Econolodge, definitely a low budget trip.

Thete's a Chinese take out place in Jacksonville called Ying Chinese Takee Outee.  No I am not making that up!

This morning we got back in the open road.    Before long Florida citrus and pecans gave way to Georgia peaches and boiled peanuts.  Yesterday we saw lots of cattle pastured alonv the highways, today it's nothing but trees.

Life in a truck means we get to play with the big boys, the 18 wheelers.  That means stopping at weigh stations and agricultural inspections.  Oh joy.

Ate at a Waffle House.  Might as well try chains we don't have in New York.

Georgia peaches give way to South Carolina fireworks.

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