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Monday, July 22, 2013

The art of teppanyaki redux

What can I say about Benihana that I haven't already said?

Plenty, actually.

We love Benihana, it's one of our favorites.    Yes, it's a chain, and yes, other places do the whole teppanyaki routine just as well as they do, but it's always fun to go to Benihana.    

Did you know that Benihana offers a program where you can learn to be a teppanyaki chef?

Yes, you can Be The Chef.  The package includes a lesson with a Benihana chef, and the opportunity to cook dinner at Benihana for yourself and three of your friends.

Drew likes to cook, and he loves to watch a teppanyaki chef do his thing.    So of course he had to try this.  He signed up for a lesson in how to be a teppanyaki chef.

On  a recent Wednesday night we ventured out to see the results.  Our meal began with soup and salad, and then it was time for Drew to do his thing.  He cooked the entire meal himself -- under the watchful eye of the chef who taught him.  Shrimp appetizer, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, chicken fried rice, and a steak and shrimp entree.

And, of course, the "tricks".  Catching the shrimp tails in his hat and shirt pocket.  The onion volcano.  Shaping the fried rice into a beating heart.

And of course the food was delicious, as always.

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