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Monday, April 8, 2013

South of the Border

So tonight I had dinner with a good friend.  She suggested we meet at South of the Border.

It's a small, cosy Tex-Mex restaurant, a bit pricey for a neighborhood eatery but well worth the cost.  your meal begins with the typical chips and salsa.  Their version is a mild, smooth sauce.

The menu has the expected -- tacos, enchiladas, fajitas -- but also has a few different, interesting and delicious choices.

I ordered pollo a la margarita, a chicken cutlet in a rich sauce, with rice, black beans and a medley of vegetables. And did I mention there were four shrimp topping this dish?  Yummy!  Brought half of it home, of course.

I seldom order dessert, but when I heard they had flan . . .it turned out to be a light, airy custard, not overly sweet, topped with a smooth caramel sauce. I think it was garnished with Reddi-whip. I would have preferred real whipped cream, but I did enjoy the flan and would order it again.

My friend skipped dessert, preferring to walk up the block for ices from Ralph's.

Looking forward to a return visit, the entrees all look so interesting.

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