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Saturday, April 20, 2013

How Does This Happen?

He's 19 years old.  A good student at a prestigious high school, he won a scholarship and headed to college. He's a wrestler.  Plays soccer.  He tweets rap lyrics.  Hangs out with friends.  Became an American citizen on 9/11/12.  Everyone who knew him in high school said he was a nice guy.  His college friends said he was a typical student, that he liked to hang out with friends.

How does someone like that fill a pressure cooker full of nails and explosives, and plant it at the finish line of the Boston Marathon?

They caught him last night, cowering under a tarp in a boat in someone's back yard, bloodied and exhausted from the gun battle that killed his older brother/co-conspirator.  They took him alive, and I am glad.

Because all I want to know is --  WHY????

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