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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baseball memories

My parents saw "42" the other night.  seeing the movie really got my dad talking.

It brought back memories for my dad.  He grew up in Brooklyn and spent much of his youth in the shadow of Ebbett's Field.  Last night he told us how it used to cost $.55 on Wednesday afternoons to see a ball game.  How on the weekends the men would gather around the radio to listen to the game.  He saw the 1947 Dodgers play, more than once.  He remembers how the players would put their arms around Robinson in a show of solidarity. 

Back the, NYC was the baseball capital of the world.

My mom is a Bronx girl.  She remembers going to Yankee Stadium with her Uncle Al, and also to the Polo Grounds.

My parents' first real date . . .he took her to the Stadium to see DiMaggio play.   

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