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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Michael Nesmith

Drew and I are both Monkees fans.  A few months ago we saw the Monkees reunion at the Beacon -- Mickey, Peter and Mike. Wonderful show.  Especially since Mike doesn't often tour with the Monkees.  It was a poignant tribute to Davy.

Drew is a big Mike Nesmith fan. I liked Mike as a member of the Monkees, but never followed his solo career.  But when Drew found out Mike was planning a short tour...well, we had to get tickets.

Last night at Town Hall.... Mike performed for two hours.  His entire repertoire was songs he'd written.  I recognized only two, "Papa Gene's Blues" (a Monkees hit) and "Different Drum" (which was a big hit for Linda Ronstadt).

His performing technique is a bit different.  He'll tell you a short story, which places the song in context. It's just him and the band on the stage, no special effects or videos playing in the background (kind of surprised me, considering he's a pioneer of the music video...)  Early in the evening the songs were all sort of country-western, but the second half of the show leaned more towards rock.  I like him, he's pleasant to listen to, I enjoyed.

 As always, I managed a few pictures with my cell phone:

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