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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a bubba meister

If you think "girl drama" is a recent invention, think again.

When my grandmother was a young girl growing up in Poland...she was known as D'vera then (she'd anglicize it to Dora when she came to America) ...she had a story about girl drama and revenge.

It seems that one Sabbath afternoon she had a fight with a group of girls.  She pushed the ringleader down into the dirt near the outhouse.

The resulting howl woke her father, who liked to nap on the Sabbath.  So of course D'vera was in trouble.

D'vera got her revenge on the other kid...she invited the other girl to go out onto the lake in a rowboat...when they got to the deepest water, D'vera jumped out of the boat and swam to shore, stranding the other girl in the boat with no oars, and knowing the other girl was unable to swim.

One of the men from the town saw what D'vera did, and told her father.  So she was punished again.

But she always felt the revenge was worth the punishment.

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