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Monday, April 8, 2013

An icon of American comedy

Jerry Lewis.

"The Nutty Professor".  The Labor Day Telethon.  The partnership with Dean Martin.

We all know Jerry.  We've seen him on tv or in the movies.  He's been entertaining us for decades.

Some think he is the god of comedy.  Drew worships at that altar.

I like Jerry Lewis , too, but probably would not have gone to this show if it wasn't on Drew's bucket list.

So Saturday night we ventured to Westbury Music Fair to see Jerry's one-man show.

It's a simple format.  He walks out onto the stage, tells a few jokes, settles into the director's chair, shows a film clip, tells a few more jokes, another film clip, etc.  Kind of heavy on the clips, but what do you expect, he's 87 years old.

Then he moves on to the question and answer session.  Audience members line up at the microphones to ask a question and he answers.

And he ends the show with one last film clip.

I think the best clip of the evening was from 1957.  I hadn't realized  that Jerry's parents were performers too, but there was Jerry doing a song/ comedy bit with his father. A few minutes later Jerry's son Gary, then age 10 (and long before his career as a rock star), came out to the stage.  Jerry and Gary did the same song, this time with Jerry singing the father's role and Gary doing the part Jerry had done earlier.  (We'll be seeing Gary and his band at Westbury in June.)

Incidentally Richard Belzer was at tonight's performance.  He wasn't part of the show.  The audience recognized him as he made his way down the aisle, beer in one hand, pretzel in the other, and took a seat.  Later, during tge Q & A, he went to the mike and sang Jerry's praises.

It wasn't until later that I remembered they had worked together, that there was an episode of "Law &Order SVU" where Jerry played a mentally ill homeless man who turned out to be Belzer's character's uncle.

Overall a fun evening, I found myself laughing along with the rest of the audience.  Definitely worth it.
And looking forward to seeing Gary Lewis in two months.

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