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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The morning after

We made it through the storm relatively unscathed.  Sitting here with no electricity and spotty cell phone service.  No damage to the house or cars.  We feel blessed.

I looked at the Newsday website, and our house guest went out to her car to listen to the radio for news.  No AM stations!  1010 WINS is broadcasting on an FM frequency.   The rain wasn't much of an issue,  it was the wind and tides.  LIPA has 1.1 million customers and over 900,000 of them are without power.  Trees are down, roads closed   Flood waters came further inland than ever before.  They're saying this storm was worse than Hurricane Gloria in 1985.  That it was worse than the fabled hurricane of 1938.

The good news, I just saw the town highway department truck go by.  Clean up has begun.

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