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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cheeseburgers on a Friday night

What do you do on a Friday night when you're stressed out and tired? Lately for us the answer is "grab some take out, head home and watch tv." We love a good burger. I think "cheeseburger" is our default setting when we don't know what we want to eat. Jake's Wayback is just down the road from Drew's house, so we frequently wind up there. The place has the feel of an old fashioned hamburger stand. You place your order at the counter. If you are "dining in" they'll bring it to your table. They don't cook your burger until you've placed your order. The menu offers a variety of burgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc. Sides include fries (variations include cheese fries and chili fries), onion rings and their home made potato chips. Hand dipped shakes round out the offerings. There are monthly specials. This month's burger special is an order of sliders. I went for my usual, though -- a Jake's cheeseburger. That's two patties with cheese. I added bacon, ketchup, mayonnaise, grilled onions and mushrooms. I think the fries have been lackluster so I ordered onion rings. Stuck with diet Coke instead of a shake (but I plan to visit in December if they do the eggnog shake again!) Drew ordered a burger that was served on toasted bread instead of a bun, and he had no issue with the fries. Gorging on burgers and watching "Fringe". Yeah, a perfect Friday night. Jake's Wayback Burgers on Urbanspoon

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