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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cloud Atlas and Red Lobster

 In the calm before the storm....

Last night we saw an incredible movie, Cloud Atlas.  Very cerebral movie, elements of science fiction, religion and philosophy, reincarnation, and how we are all bound up together.  Six parallel stories, past, present and future.  Each of the principle actors has six different roles, one in each story.  Their lives intersect.  Everything is connected. 

Definitely an Oscar contender.

Next it was dinner at Red Lobster.  We usually go to the one in Hicksville, but since we saw the movie at Roosevelt Field, we opted to try the Red Lobster in Carle Place.  This chain has a very interesting menu, part New England seaside shack, part Caribbean ...  part whatever.  There were cheesy biscuits on the table before we even placed our order.  I love the strawberry sunset colada, a pina colada with a  dash of strawberry.  Drew had a Bahama Mama -- very potent drink.  Started our meal with the coconut shrimp -- six shrimp breaded with coconut and fried, then served with a pina colada sauce. Salads were fresh.  We both ordered combo plates that included grilled lobster tail and shrimp.    Mine had lobster tail, shrimp scampi and grilled shrimp, broccoli and rice  pilaf. 

food was good, service was efficient.  No wonder Red Lobster is one of our go-to places.

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