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Friday, October 26, 2012

Meredith's Mother Takes The Train . . .

Twenty years ago, when my kids were very small, I would read to them every night.  You know the deal, you read a book over and over again, until you and your child have practically memorized it.

One of my favorites  was "Meredith's Mother Takes The Train" by Deborah Rose.  Meredith went to day care while her mother went to work.

I'd bring Jen and Becca to day care every morning.  Drew would pick them up every afternoon.  So the book was very relevant to our lives at the time.

I meant to hold onto it, to keep it as a memento of the baby days.  But somehow it got misplaced.

Hadn't thought about the book in years.  But today I find myself with lines from the book popping into my head . . .

Meredith's mother takes the train to work in the morning and home again . . .Meredith's mother gets all dressed up, and sometimes she carries her coffee cup . . .

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