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Monday, October 29, 2012


That's what we are reduced to.  Power went out just as we were finishing dinner.  Outside the storm continues.  Although we cannot see the full moon, the clouds are glowing, and I can see the dark sillouettes of the trees swaying in the wind.

Power is out, 3G isn't working well, sporadic service only.  Though we haven't lost cell phone service yet. Texting is iffy though.

Before we lost contact with the outside world we heard news reports . . .trees down, unprecedented flooding.  A building collapse in NYC.  A gas station explosion in Massapequa.  All Long Island parkways shut down.  Scary.

Mass transit shut down last night.  Amazingly ny office shut down today and tomorrow.

It feels like armaggedon.

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Suzanne said...

You have so many trees in your area, I'm hoping none hit the houses.

My sister's neighbor's chimney collapsed and took out the power grid. They're okay. Haven't heard from best friend yet, but there was a fire in her neighborhood last I heard.

Check in when you can.

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