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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

Love the name of this chain . . ."Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you when you change with every new day . . . " It was late when we got back from the Renaissance Faire, we were starving, and Drew was still thinking about the salad bar he passed up at Volcano's Friday night. Ruby Tuesday is one of the few places around here that still has a salad bar. Drew had been a "regular" at this place awhile back, but my one experience with this chain had not been good. I have now added this place to my list of "likes". Salad bar here is pretty standard -- several choices of greens with other veggies, bacon bits, ham, shredded cheese, typical dressings. I liked the pasta salad but didn't care for the potato salad -- they should peel the potatoes when using them in a salad. We skipped the appetizer. I ordered petite sirloin with a skewer of shrimp scampi and rice pilaf. Drew ordered the petite sirloin with lobster tail (available on weekends only) and cheese mashed potatoes. Steaks were cooked to order, shellfish was tasty. Drew liked his mashed potatoes but I thought the cheese was a bit strong. I was eying the cupcakes on the dessert menu, but we were too full . . . Though if we had not ordered salad I think we might have had room for dessert. Overall a satisfactory meal. Ruby Tuesday on Urbanspoon

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