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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Jen loves working with children.  She plans to get a Master's in Education and become an elementary school teacher.

Her job this summer has been at a day camp.  She's been a counselor at the camp since she was 17, and before that she was a camper there. 

This summer she's working with girls who are going into 6th grade.  She's known most of them since they were 2nd graders.    She loves these girls and they love her.

Yesterday there was some roughhousing, all in good fun, but somehow Jen wound up on the ground.

And when she got up . . .well, she hobbled to the nurse's office.

It's only a sprain, but the doctor at the ER gave her an air cast and crutches.  Told her she will be ok in about 3 days.

She plans to go to work today.

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