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Friday, August 31, 2012

Long Island, Land of 1,000 Cheeseburgers

So said Jimmy Buffett last night at Jones Beach.

A Jimmy Buffett concert isn't just a concert.   It's an experience.

First of all there's the tailgating.   My first Buffett concert was at Madison Square Garden, where there was no place to tailgate.   But at Jones Beach they fill up two parking lots and party all day.  They wear crazy tropical gear, they set up grills and tiki bars and etc.  They break about a dozen park rules in the process.

Tailgating was a problem for us last year.  When we arrived at the concert both lots near the theater were closed and we had to park in an unlit lot a mile down the road.  This year I paid extra for preferred parking and we had no problem.   But Drew in incensed at the rule breaking ("they roped off 16 spot for their party!").  He worked at the park for many years.  . .  Personally I think that they should set up camp on the beach-- Jones Beach is a wonderful beach, and why would you want to be on the hot asphalt when you could be on the sand and actually see the ocean?

So we got to the park around 5:00, parked, and wandered through the tailgating Parrothead encampment for awhile.

Eventually we found our way over to Zach's Bay.  This is a small beach area right near the theater that is currently closed to the public.  I remember wading in the water here years ago before a concert.  Now you'd have to walk over to the ocean beach.  . .

Eventually we made our way inside the theater, bought some dinner at the clam shack and found our way to our seats for the party.  . .er, concert.  Yes, the concert is like a huge beach party.

I discovered Buffett 3 years ago, as we were planning our Caribbean cruise.  So I associate his songs with our Caribbean adventure.   And his stage persona.  . .it's like hanging out with an old friend.   There are 8 songs he plays at every concert, the rest of the program changes with his mood.  Highlights of last night include an acoustic version of Southern Cross, a cover of Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long and new Long Island lyrics for Margaritaville.

And he ended with Lovely Cruise.   An omen for our upcoming cruise?

The cheeseburger comment came just before he sang Cheeseburger in Paradise.  And I have to agree.

And Drew and I have eaten hundreds of Long Island cheeseburgers.

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