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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Ralph's Italian ICES of DIX on Urbanspoon Drove past here the other day and realized how long it's been . . . Place opened when my kids were in middle school/ high school and coming here was as much a social event, to see and be seen, as it was about the ices. The store is seasonal, opening in the spring and cloding down in the fall. Customers never go inside, you walk up to the window and place your order, or you take advantage of the drive through. There's no real seating area. And making the left turn out of the parking lot is a killer. There's a large selection, as you might expect. My favorites are lemon, cherry and rainbow (I go with the basics) but I also like the cola and cherry cola, the pina colada. So cool and refreshing! A great sumertime treat.

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