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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Feeling a little nostalgic tonight. I'n home alone with my two daughters, and we ordered dinner from Panera tonight. When the girls were in high school we did a lot of takeout from Panera. In fact, when Jen was admitted to URI, one of the "selling points" (to her, anyhow) was the existence of a Panera in Wakefield. And Becca was disappointed at the lack of a Panera near her school. Well, tonight we indulged again. Jen ordered the chicken caesar sandwich, prepared without onion or tomato (her special request). Becca chose from the "pick two" menu -- a small cup of soup ( she loves broccoli cheddar) and a half sandwich (bacon turkey bravo -- turkey, bacon and gouda cheese, and she asks for country white instead of the usual tomato bread). I decided to try something I never had before -- a Cuban sandwich from the panini menu. Ham, chicken, swiss, pickles, chipotle mayo . . .yum. Just enough spice to give it a kick but not overwhelming. And the best part? They have fantastic lemonade. Panera Bread on Urbanspoon

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