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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Old traditions and new.

Last night at Drew's house.  I bought new Haggadahs for him, the 30 minute Seder. (Becca really didn't like it, but everyone else loved the brevity of the service.)  He made a turkey, instant mashed potatoes, jarred gefilte fish ...I make matzah farfel stuffing and baked a kosher-for-Passover cake from a mix.  New friends and old, gathered at the table.

Tonight at my parents' house.  Haggadahs that date back to the 1960's, with the crumbs of a thousand Seders in their pages.  Rituals performed a thousand times.  Home made chicken soup with matzah balls, turkey and brisket....

Old and new, past and future.

It's all good.

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