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Saturday, April 28, 2012

La Casa Latina and Iron Man II

In what has become the pattern to our Saturday nights, we went out to eat this evening, then wound up at Drew's house to watch a movie on TV. Dinner tonight was at La Casa Latina. Place got good write ups in Newsday and the Times, so when we snagged a Groupon we had to try it. I love Latin American food, liked it even before our cruise 2 years ago -- we made port in Belize, Roatan and Cozumel, and were fed a ton of rice and beans in each port. Our meal tonight began with delicate fish tacos, followed by pupusas with salsa and a vinegary slaw. Salad was fresh and crisp. I ordered the Honduran platter -- shell steak, rice, beans and a plantain accompanied by something called crema - sort of like sour cream but with a vinegar undertone. It also came with a fried egg, which I gave to Drew. It was supposed to come with avocado, but they forgot to give it to me and I never missed it. Drew ordered the Parrillada Mixta -- steak, chicken and sausage with rice and beans. I seldom order dessert, but I had heard that they make their own flan. Turns out it's a cheese flan, firmer in texture than most custards, covered in caramel sauce and served with fresh whipped cream. We shared one dessert, and that was plenty for us. Maybe next time we will skip the meal and just order the flan and coffee! Tonight's movie is Iron Man II. Drew is educating me so that when The Avengers opens in a few weeks I won't be lost. Loved Iron Man, loved Thor and really loved Captain America. Haven't seen The Hulk, but I remember the tv show where Bill Bixby used to turn into Lou Ferrigno. So I'm looking forward to The Avengers. La Casa Latina on Urbanspoon


Suzanne said...

Pupusas! A good friend travels to El Salvador several times a year and she raves about them.

The rest sounds so good, too. :)

songbird's crazy world said...

Pupusas have become street fair food here in NY. You can find them next to the sausage and peppers and zeppole. But these were so much better!

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