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Monday, April 9, 2012

Not just a river in Egypt -- another crazy screwed up family story

Several years ago . . .Jen was still in high school at the time . . .the wonder twins and I got into an argument.  It was a stupid argument.  A found an article in the newspaper about being 50-something and placed the newspaper on my bed . . . I was a few years shy of 50 at the time abd the article was meant as an insult. 

I'm afraid I reacted rather childishly.  I crumpled up the newspaper and threw it on her bedroom floor.

I don't remember how it escalated.  But somehow it wound up with me in my bedroom and her pounding on my door and screaming at me.  She said she was going to kill me.

From my vantage point she seemed out of control.  I called 911 and asked for an officer to come to the house to calm things down.

A jumped into the car and drove away, and wasn't here when the officer arrived.    So nothing ever came of the incident.

But to this day I am told that I overreacted and that I was wrong to call the police, that nothing terrible was going to happen and I should have just stayed in my room and ignored her.

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