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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Help! I 'm being kept prisoner in the hospital!

Deja vu!  Didn't I do this 5 months ago?

Curse you, Friday the 13th.

Pain started as I was getting ready to go over to Drew's house.  It wasn't bad, though, and faded out.  By the time I got to Drew's house, the pain was back. Told Drew and Marc to go get something to eat and went to lie down.

Shortly after Drew got back, Becca called.  She'd taken a bad fall on the sidewalk near school, hit her head on the concrete, and was feeling nauseated and dizzy.  There is a hospital one blick away from her school, Drew told her to take a girlfriend and go to the hospital.  She's ok, by the way.  Even posted cute pictures of herself in the hospital gown on facebook.

So I said to Drew, "if I didn't feel so lousy I'd get in the car and drive to Becca."

Then I realized I should be on my way to the ER myself.

Got to the ER Friday night, and I have been in this hospital ever since.  Even have the same doctor.  Only this time we are trying to avoid surgery.

So I am doing everything they tell me to do, so that I can feel better and go home!

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MJ said...

Sending you positive vibes so you can get out of there SOON!!!

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