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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not just a river in Egypt . . .more

So the other day a fight erupted.  As usual it started with something stupid and escalated.

And my mother acted as if it was just the usual squabble among young children and told us to knock it off.

And my father ignored it until I started in on A about her being 44 years old and starting to look her age and how I wished she'd act it . . .that's when my father jumped down my throat. The wonder twins are still little girls in his eyes.

And when I said to my parents "This isn't trivial fighting. Do you know they told me I am not their sister, that I am dead to them?"  He replied "No one in this house would say that."

A little later, I was in the kitchen with my mother and F was in the dining room, I said to F, "Did you say I am not your sister and that I am dead to you?" She said "Yes," and started a tyrade about my behavior.  Which I cut off.  And turned to my mother to confirm that she heard it.

An hour later my mother denied that F had ever said it.

They really don't want to know, do they?

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