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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Car repair

So ok, I drive an old car.  95 Toyota Corolla. Sandpebble beige. Bought it new in May 1995.  It's got 162,000 miles on it, give or take.  First time I ever bought myself a brand new car.

I love this car.  My daughters spent their childhood being transported in this car.

So Saturday morning I noticed that the driver's side front tire was low.  Very low.  Took the car to the discount tire store to check things out.

Well, it turns out I had 3 very old tires on the car -- replaced one tire about a year ago when I hit a nail, but I can't even remember the last time I bought tires.

And then the mechanic showed me the struts.

Can you believe they were original equipment?

  17 years and 162,000 miles on the same struts?!!!


Suzanne said...

On LONG ISLAND? That is a major accomplishment!!!

songbird's crazy world said...

Yeah, on Long Island. Corola is a tough little car <3

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