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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Songbird Salutes the '70s

"Part-radio and part-fashion accessory, the Toot-A-Loop was wearable technology. Worn around the wrist like a bracelet, or carried like a purse, the Toot-A-Loop was shaped like a tapered doughnut, twisting open to reveal the tuning dial on the inside. The AM-only radio also came with fun stickers so users could customise it."
-- Flashback Fridays
I had one in red. I'd wear it on my wrist. Sort of like a prehistoric iPod. It was my way of taking all my friends at WABC with me. I can still here the jingle -- "77, WABC". Simple and direct. Later the station began to refer to itself as "Musicradio". Radio was personality-driven then. Harry Harrison, the Morning Mayor. Ron Lundy, who thought NYC was the greatest city in the world. Dan Ingram, who every summer reminded you to "roll your bod." (Hey, Kemosabe.)And of course, Bruce Morrow -- Cousin Brucie. Even if you didn't grow up in the NYC area, you know cousin Brucie -- you saw him in the movie Dirty Dancing. And of course there were sports reports from Howard Cosell. WABC was the dominant sound in NYC until 1978, when FM and disco became more popular.


Suzanne said...

Ed still has his fully functional, blue toot a loop sitting on his desk. He had great fun explaining to Chef how he'd ride his bike everywhere with it hanging off the handlebars of his bike!

songbird's crazy world said...


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