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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At least he's honest

Generally speaking, the homeless who hang out in Penn Station looking for a handout aren't asking to be fed.  They'll tell you they want money to get something to eat, but if you try to give them a sandwich instead of a dollar, they'll give you a strange look and walk away.

Beer is plentiful at Penn.  Every deli and pizza place and burger joint has a cooler of beer at the front of the store. You know where your money will go if you give it to one of the people asking for a handout.

But the other day . . .well, the guy was sitting on the floor, with a makeshift cardboard sign . . .you'd expect to read his tale of woe, you'd expect to read about how he's homeless and hungry.

Your expectations would not be met.

Or would they?

The sign said "I really need a beer!"

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