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Monday, February 20, 2012

Icing on the cake

Sometimes just being yourself and having a good time . . .

Yesterday Drew and I went to the theater to see a touring company of Fiddler on the Roof.  You know it's one of my favorite shows, I have seen it on Broadway twice, I love the movie, have cast albums from the movie and from three different theatrical incarnations of the show.

We saw the show at the Tilles Center, the performing arts building located at CW Post College.  It's the same facility where we saw the Boston Pops concert back in December.

Production values for regional theater and touring companies are not the same as for Broadway, of course.   But given the limits of their budget this company produced an excellent show.

There were great performances by almost all the actors and an 8 piece pit band. Sparse sets to evoke a feeling of time and place.    The costuming of the Fiddler in Chagall-like colors.

Heaven under the house lights.

And the icing on the cake?

I admit it was a bit petty.

You know that my sisters are grown women who act like teenagers, that there's some sort if clique and they are the mean girls who want me isolated from everyone in the clique.

It doesn't work at home and it certainly won't work in public.

My sisters have a friend E.  They've known her since junior high.  Over the years E's family and ours have become close.

My sisters were at the show yesterday, as guests of E and her parents.

My sisters tried to ignore me, but how could I possibly ignore old friends?  I would have spent time chatting with these people if I saw them anywhere else, so why should I ignore these folks because my sisters were with them?

Yet, given all the aggravation those two tried to cause me over the last few days, it was very satisfying to hear my sister A say something along the lines of "Go away, nobody wants to here."  Nice to know that my talking to family friends irritated her that much.

Of course, I didn't overstay my welcome either.  Chatted with the family during intermission but didn't seek them out again after the show.

Besides, Drew and I had dinner reservations.  He took me out for lobster.

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