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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday dinner

Last night was spent at an Italian restaurant. Drew, Jen and Becca took me out for my birthday.

Who were those two poised, charming young women who chatted with me without drama? And what did they do with my babies?

Jen is 21 now and in her last semester of college.  She sipped her Zinfandel and conversed about job interviews and grad school applications.  And friends who were getting married and/or having babies.   And one friend who is managing a band and hopes for a record deal. 

Becca, at 19, talked about her summer internship and how she's looking forward to living off campus next year.   And the vacation she wants to take with her boyfriend.

Had to laugh when Becca told me "Mom, you have to book hotel rooms soon for Jen's graduation."  A little role reversal there?  (Rooms were booked months ago.) 

Truly the world does not stand still.  So many changes coming.


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