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Friday, April 23, 2010

toys to send to your frenemy's child

Janet's post last week reminded me of two toys Becca had as a child....only these were NOT toys that delighted me.

The first toy was a cat.  a cute, furry white cat.  a cute, furry white cat that meowed every time it moved. 

the first day she had the cat, she was holding it in the car.  she fell asleeep and the cat wound up on the back seat.  and it meowed every time I hit a bump.  and I was driving on the Long Island Expressway for 45 minutes...listening to that cat meow for 45 minutes.

the cat had a battery-ectomy that night.

the second toy....

Amazing Allie

the doll was programmed to "interact" with your child, not just to repeat phrases but to use the right phrase depending on what your child was doing with the doll.  Beca fell in love with the doll when she saw it on TV.


So I spent $60 for the doll.

Alas, reality was not nearly as fun as the commercial. after playing with the doll for the first...and last...time, she changed its name to "Annoying Allie".

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