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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

My head is NOT into weight management right now...

...but at least I'm back to watching the show (it's up against Dancing With the Stars and American Idol, tough choice, but...)

I haven't seen last week's show and haven't read the recap, but it looks like Melissa is back...ugh.

we start with an immunity challenge...the first player to reach a 2% loss will win immunity. who will hit the button?  if you hit it and you're wrong, you're out of the competition.

so they start by working out.  and Melissa (ugh) is playing the game again.

and Vicky pushes the button...she needs 6 pounds...she just got back to the ranch and everyone thinks she's jumping the gun...sigh, she didn't make her goal.

the reward challenge...carry weights from the bottom of the pool to the scale...first one to get 100 pounds gets a spa vacation, and the last one to finish the challenge gets a one pound disadvantage at weigh in....after you're done you can help a friend if you want...  sunshine takes an early lead...with Sam and Vicky right behind...the bottom are O'Neal. Mike and Melissa...Sunshine and Sam are neck and neck...Sunshine wins immunity then heads out to help her dad...Sam goes out to help O'Neal...Mike and Melissa are in danger, Mike is in last place....everyone else starts helping one helps Melissa...Mike finishes, and Melissa comes in last...

so now we're talking about hitting the button again...late night secret workouts...who will get there first?  Sam hits the button!   Melissa is pissed...

Sam needs 6 pounds....and he does it!!!  he lost 10 pounds!

Bob observes that Melissa is a game player and the game has turned on her.

and then it was time for another workout...

and then there's a commercial for the Droid and I'm drooling.  I'm drooling over something other than food, so that's a good thing, right?

nice to see that update on Shea, she's looking good!

weigh-in time, and Koli is up first...5 pounds, and he's so disappointed...

Daris is next....4 pounds....frustrating....

Michael's turn....he needs 6 pounds to be safe....he lost 9 pounds.

Ashley is up next and she's nervous.  she needs to have lost more than 4 pounds... she lost 7.

Sunshine weighs in....she wants to be under 200 pounds....she needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to be safe...she lost  7.  she's under 200 and she's crying.

and so his her dad.

and then it's time for O'Neal to weigh in.  he needs over 5 pounds to be safe.  he lost 8 pounds!

more tears.

Victoria (Vicky) is up next....she needs more than 5 pounds to be safe.   she lost 11!!!

  she goes to the top of the board.

Andrea's trun ....she needs 4 pounds...and lost only 2.   stunned silence followed by tears.

and a hug from Jillian.  she's below the yellow line.  Koli is safe.

Melissa is up last.  she looks like a witch.  she needs more than 4 pounds to beat Daris and stay above the yellow line (thanks to the one pound disadvantage)  and she lost 3 pounds...she would have been below the yellow line even without the one pound disadvantage...

Andreapleads with the house, then Melissa gives them reasons to keep her...she's logical and cool....she plays the game..."keep me because you can't beat me, pick off your biggest competition"...will her strategy work?

not a chnnce.

don't let the door hit you!

but you know, running a hlaf marathon is a major accomplishment....redemption?

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