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Monday, April 12, 2010

Citi Field!

so Friday night was my second visit to Citi Field, my first to see a ball game.

It was a "balmy" 54 degrees at game time, and windy in the left field nosebleed seats...but we had a great time anyhow!

Here's a view of the stadium as you walk from the railroad station:

Citi Field

In front of the main entrance you will find the home run apple from Shea Stadium -- every time someone hit a home run, the apple  would pop up:

Home Run Apple

Number 42 -- that was Jackie Robinson's number:

number 42 -- Jackie Robinson's number

inside the stadium:

  Let's Go Mets!

when yu say Budweiser...


you can see the planes landing at La Guardia:


54 ddegrees, we're freezning to death, and this nutjob dedicated fan takes off his shirt.

dedicated fan

Home Run!


(we saw the apple 4 times that night!)

conference on the mound:

conference on the mound

let's have a Pepsi to celebrate an 8-2 victory!


even the elevator doors have the Mets logo:

the elevator doors!

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