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Monday, April 26, 2010

dealing with emergencies

when Drew picked me up at the train station Friday night he told me the bad news: his sister Shelley called him from Newrk, NJ to tell him she'd been in a car accident.

Shelley had been accompanying a family friend on a weekend visit to relatives in Pennsyvania. the accident happened as they were driving through Newark. both women sustained injuries -- Shelley was treated in the ER and released, her friend was held overnight. the car, unfortunately, was totaled.

I won't go into the details of the accident, other than to say the car was hit by an 18-wheeler and careened into another car parked on the shoulder of the highway,

so on Saturday morning Drew and I found ourselves taking that hour-long drive to Newark,collecting the two women at the hospital and collecting their possessions from the car at the impound yard.

(a shout-out here to Officer Aviles of the 3rd Precinct for being so helpful!)

Not the way you want to spend a weekend, of course. but considering everything...not the worst possible outcome either.

so then on Sunday....

just hanging around with Drew....when out of the blue he starts complaining of pain on his right side...all the symptoms of appendicitis....had to take him to the ER... he was crawling all over the car on the way to the hospital...turned out to be a kidney stone.

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