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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

the show starts with a food temptation.  Several are tempted,  but Koli pigs out to save Sam.  The workout after that is rough on him.  but wow, O'Neal and the push-ups -- an Oscar-like performance!

then it's time to meet with the doctor....good news.

and then the second challenge...building have to build and climb a tower....for a one pound advantage at weigh-in.  Michael helps Ashley....but Daris is the one who succeeds.  and there's a one pound disadvantage for the person who comes in everyone needs to climb....and O'Neal takes a bad fall...scary!  he's OK, but he's got the disadvantage because he didn't finish the challenge.

then it's time for a beach workout.

OMG, poor O'Neal....his brother Arthur died...  I am in tears...

Last chance workout, very emotional for O'Neal...

Koli must weigh in first because of the "vote" issue, and he loses 10 pounds....despite the overindulgence.  Daris does well....Michael loses but not a lot...and Koli is safe from elimination...Ashley is disappointed...Sam weighs in...he's happy with a 6 pound loss...and he's safe.    Victoria needed four pounds, got only one...

O'Neal needs 4...gets 8!!!!  He's safe and Victoria is below the yellow line.

Sunshine is the last to weigh in...she lost ONE POUND!  she's in tears.

Michael is safe.  it's either Sunshine or Victoria, and Koli gets to make the decision.  He did this to save Sam, but now has to choose....he votes for Victoria and tells her she has to try harder....

and it was good to see Victoria and her mom finish the bicycle marathon at home.

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