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Thursday, April 29, 2010

King Tut

I really really really want to see the new King Tut exhibit.

I missed the exhibit when it came to New York 30 years ago. Drew says it was magnificent. He says we "have" to go sometime this summer. I agree.

In 6th grade, when we studied ancient Egypt, I did a book report and presentation to the class on Tut's tomb. I have always been fascinated by Tut's story, and the story of Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb in 1922.

I am so excited.


Suzanne said...

My dad, who hated lines, stood in line for six hours to get tickets back in 1977. We got to experience the exhibit in January 1978 and I still have all the replica pieces he bought, because he was fascinated by the Egyptians.

Enjoy. If it's anything like that time at the MMA, you will love it-especially in the shadow of the temple of Dendur.

songbird's crazy world said...

the Temple of Dendur is part of MMA's permanent Egyptian collection, I've seen it. this time around Tut will be in Times Square. I am so excited.

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