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Friday, December 11, 2009

plea bargain -- he's guilty

Teh big scandal last winter at Becca's high school -- the social studies teacher who was arrested as a sex offender.  Becca never had him as a classroom teacher, but she was in Key Club and he was one of the club advisers.  the teacher is also an alum of the school, with deep roots in our community.  it disturbs me that this happened in my daughter's school and invovled a teacher my daughter knew.

It involved a 15-year-old boy.  The boy met the teacher -- a single man in his 30's -- in an online chatroom, and was pursuaded to go to the teacher's apartment.  He was not a student at Becca's school. Not that it truly matters...but at least the victim isn't being subjected to further embarassment as "the guy who got [teacher] fired."

the local papers had articles about the case when teacher was arrested last February, but haven't published an update since then.  However, New York courts have a website where, if you know the name of a defendant in a criminal matter, you can get a history of the case on line. 

so today I had a few moments, and decided to check the progress of the case.  and discovered that teacher pled guilty at his last court appearance in November,   He pled to one D felony, a handful of E felonies and one misdemeanor. 

I wonder what kind of plea  bargain he made.  he pled guilty to every count in the indictment, and will be sentenced in January.

The penalty applicable to a class D felony is imprisonment of no more than five years, and a fine of at
least $500 but not more than $7,500.  Punishment for a class E  felony  is imprisonmnet up to 4 years. 
he's out of bail right now, but I can't imagine he won't have to do some time....and when he gets out....well, obviously he will have to find a new career path, won't he?
what kind of idiot does something like this?  did he really think he wasn't going to get caught? 

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Suzanne said...

It really does make one wonder what he was thinking.

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