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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Don't bother to ask me about Weight Watchers, we'll resume that discussion in January.

Presidential address tonight messed up everyone's schedule. When Brian Williams finished talking to McCain, we switched over to The Biggest the end of last week's episode, just as everyone was about to reveal their votes. so we got to say goodbye to Allen again.

And then it was time for this week's episode, the final four.

Watch the final four lose all that weight in a matter of minutes.

Now they're being sent home for 60 days and then they will come back to face the scale one more time.

They all get the celebrity treatment when they arrive home.

We get some insight into their lives before the show, Rudy talking about his dead sister, Liz and her husband, Danny and his kids, Amanda and her parents. Encouragement from Bob and Jillian.

and it's announced they will do a marathon, just like last season.

the veggie chili looked yummy.

Bob and Jillian make surprise visits to the final four. kind of boring, actually.

and then it's time for the marathon. and they can earn money for charity by running.

and Tara shows up during the marathon! she encourages Liz and Danny. then Rudy's old partner (Alexandra?) shows up to encourage him.

Brian shows up to push Amanda.

Danny has knee problems and Liz has hip problems, and they're both struggling.

Tara shows up to help Amanda.

the miles drag on, and the finalists are walking, not running. they're all hurting but they keep going.

Rudy finishes!

Amanda finishes....and she's thinking about running that first mile on the first day of the show, is it really the same beach?

Mile 16 and Danny is ready to quit -- and they cut to commercial.

back from commercial and Liz and Danny are still at it....

and they both finish. together.

weigh-in time!!!

the final weigh-in on campus.

the two people with the highest percentage of weigh-in go to the finals.

the other two will fall below the yellow line, and the third finalist will be chosen by America's vote. the results of the vote will be announced at the finale next week.

Liz is up first. she's lost 16 pounds since the last weigh-in. she's lost a total of 85 pounds.

Amanda remembers having to plead her case to America to get onto the show. she gets onto the scale needing to have lost more than 15 pounds to beat Liz. she has lost 16, gives her a slim margin above Liz.

Danny's turn is next. he weighed 430 at the beginning of the show. he needs a 24 pound loss to be safe. he weighs 229 and has lost 59 pounds!!!! he's lost 201 lbs since he started at the ranch.

so Liz falls blow the yellow line.

Rudy's turn. he needs to have lost more than 25 pounds to be safe. he's lost 43 pounds!

so Amanda is below the yellow line.

My decision? It was close. Liz and I are the same age. but in the end, I voted for Amanda.

can't wait for the finale.


Joyce-Anne said...

I preferred Amanda over Liz too. What a finale! But, I'll save that comment for next week.

songbird's crazy world said...

You'll see my comments next week!

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