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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

It's the middle of the holiday season, I've given up on any pretense that I'm going to lose weight ... back on the wagon in January.

Didn't watch the show tuesday night ...was at the Jimmy Buffett concert (free tix!!)


thank goodnes for the DVR.   Allen won the challenge and the prize package -- good for him. Danny's song wasn't great, but it was sweet and heartfelt. Danny and Rudy did great in the weigh-in, Danny won the prize but Rudy broke the record. Allen and Liz are below the yellow line.  Allen got sent home, and the final four are Danny, Liz, Amanda and Rudy.  I will be rooting for Amanda, she got off to a slow start but blossomed at the ranch.

and then on Wednesday was the special about past contestants....

show was a bit boring, but it was great to see how many of them kept the weight off. and it was nice to see all the people who found a spouse on the show -- I am by nature a romantic.

and then there's the contestant who gained back all the weight.... good to have him invited back to this season's finale after he loses it all again.

without the element of competition....not so exciting.

looking forward to the final four of the current season.

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