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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How are things in Glocca Morra?

Is that little brook still leaping there?

As you may have guessed, we saw Finian's Rainbow on Broadway last night.

Of the three shows we've seen on Broadway, this one was clearly the best.    the story, while set in the 1940's, still has relevance.  The cast was wonderful.  The songs are beautiful.

The gentleman seated to our left, who overheard our intermission conversation and started to talk with, what an interesting man.  He's retired now, but spent 40 years backstage at the Metropolitan Opera working in wardrobe.  Now he indulges his passion for musical theater, has seen Rainbow 17 times since it opened.

Now, the young man seated to our left...I overheard his conversation with his friend, and was rolling my eyes.  He has no real appreciation for theter, no understanding of what he sees.  Before the show, he sat there counting the number of times the word "reprise" appeared in the playbill, and made some nasty crack about "laziness by the composer."

then he started to talk about Blood Brothers.  That's a British musical which was done on Broadway a few years ago, with David Cassidy and Sean Cassidy in the title roles, and Petula Clark in the role of the mother.    the show opens with a song "Marylin Monroe", which is reprised twice in Act 2.  the song is used -- quite effectively -- to contrast the mother's fantasy life with her reality. 

The young man in the theater last night obviously didn't get it, because he said  something along the lines of "I saw David and Sean in some show, I think it was called Stepbrothers or something like that, and the mother kept singing about Marilyn Monroe, i thought I was going to die if she sang that song one more time."

His loss.

anyhow, after the show we walked over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.  I took lots of pictures with my new toy, the mini camcorder.  I haven't had time to upload them -- didn't get home until well after midnight -- but I will try to get them posted soon.

it was a great evening, but I am exhausted today.

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Suzanne said...

This is one of the few shows I haven't seen. Timing has never been right.

If you ever are offered the opportunity to tour the Lincoln Center complex-DO IT! It was one of those cool things we got to do with my high school's theatre program that was incredible.

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