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Sunday, December 13, 2009

cousin's bat mitzvah

we  went to my cousin's bat mitzvah yesterday.

it's bittersweet, we don't see most of the family except for lifecycle events.  but I'm glad we went.

the service was at a small temple near my cousin's home -- very relaxed and casual, very different from my own synagogue.  the bat mitzvah girl was very emotional, cried through the whole service, had the Rabbi read her thank-you speech.

the party was great.  my favorite moments include my parents slow dancing, Jen and Becca swing dancing and singing Bon Jovi at the top of their lungs, and my bumping into Becca twice while trying to remember how to do 70's line dances.  I embarassed my girls a bit by partying hard.  but later we all posed for a photo ghat I will treasure.

and I had to laugh -- two young men spent the whole night staring at my girls, but didn't get up the courage to talk to them until the end of the party.

can't wait for the next about 2 years.

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