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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


and with those words Becca's world comes to a grinding halt.

they didn't say "no" but they didn't say "yes".

she was convinced she'd be accepted.  and now she's got to rethink her plans.

she wanted to stay home from school today, pull the covers over her head and wallow in self-pity.  I wouldn't let her.  In fact I am pushing her -- a bit hard, I must admit -- to apply to a number of other schools.

I want her to find a good fit, a school she can get into and one that she will love.

if she doesn't get her acto together she'll wind up at community college next year.  not a totally terrible thing, if she does well she can transfer out as a sophomore into a variety of really good schools.  but that's not the best plan for her.

the child who was always self movtivated now needs a major push from mom to get her act togehter.

I can't wait for the acceptance letters to arrive in the spring....can't wait to put down a deposit so that she can attend the college of her choice.

Lord give me strength through this process.

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